Sunday, January 17, 2010

Further enforcing the fact that I HATE the way people park.

So again today I got back from walmart and there was no parking spot in sight, which is something that I was kind of expecting since its the end of the weekend and everyone is coming home for the week. But as I was driving around looking for a parking spot I noticed that people like to park diagonally so that their car takes up two fucking parking spots. Its like seriously your car is not important enough to have two God damned parking spaces, learn how to park like a fucking normal person. So here is my proposition, the college should hire a midget to prowl the premises and pop out of nowhere to kick people in the knees when they park like A FUCKING IDIOT!!! Then make them get back in the car and fix it! That would be so awesome. Or someone could just wait outside for the stupid asses that parked like that and punch them in the face when they come outside...I think that we would be able to get away with the midget thing better, I don't think anyone would sue.