Saturday, January 16, 2010


Okay here is something that I don't like about myself....Yes I know what you're thinking wow this girl acutally DOES find flaws in herself!!! But here we go, no its not about my looks that is to be discussed.

I am the kind of person that, when something isn't going normally I think the complete worst is happening and I convince myself that that is exactly what is happening. To make it simple I am a very jealous person, and I just kind of wish that I wasn't. I think I am making that my new years resolution! Trust in people more! That sounds good right? This isn't one of those times when you never follow through, I am acutally gonna do it this time! Too many people have burned me and I can overcome this and see the good in people!!!!

Whoot whoot for confidence!


Margaret said...

that's a fantastic new years resolution to make, i'm still working on mine... i have a few things i'd like to change, ya know?

Simply Alesha said...

i s'pose you could say, i got some advice from some great friends...and decided this is for the best.