Thursday, January 14, 2010


  • Since I am a music major, I hate when I come back from an 8am class and someone walks out of their room and says something about them only having one class that day and its not till noon.
    • I have a ridiculous amount of classes during the day, and hate to hear that you don't!
  • When I am trying to sleep and the person above me seems to think bouncing a basketball is the cool thing to do at night. Or when the guy in the room next to me bangs his elbow on the wall every so often. 
  • When someone doesn't follow the rules and they bring a pet hamster to school and the hamster gets out and makes tons of scratching noises in my closet.
  • The fact that I'm too tall for the showers and I have to duck to actually reach the water the right way.


Margaret said...

i also hate when there are obnoxious videogame sounds at 3am.

Simply Alesha said...

how about when your on the phone with your boyfriend and there are obnoxious video game sounds at 2 am :p