Thursday, January 14, 2010


  • I hate when I pull into a parking lot and notice that there would be 3 or 4 more parking spaces if people took the time to park in between the lines instead of right on top of them. 
    • It really sucks when you are in college and you notice how many places you could be parked if people park right, but instead you have to park way the hell out in BUTT FUCK EGYPT
  • Or when you're driving and people go 5 miles under the speed limit.
    • I know that sometimes you need to be careful, but really they set a speed limit for a reason, unless its snowy or rainy, or some kind of disaster is going on, there is no reason to go 5 miles under the speed limit.
  • Or when some guy is tailing you even though you are going five over the speed limit.
    • When you're driving at night on a two way road and some douche decides to forget that he has his brights on and they blind you as you go by.
      • This is one reason why I try not to use my brights unless it's really late, cause I have to admit sometimes I am one of those douches.
    • When you're on a two way highway and the guy in front of you is driving really slow, so you go to pass them and they speed up so you can't. 
      • Seriously drive like a normal person or let me pass you.